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*** New NMFC Freight Classes for Tanks ***

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association amended its National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) for tanks. If you ship these products, the changes directly affect your shipping procedures and rates.

Specifically, NMFC Item 180790 is amended to (a) provide classes based on greatest dimension, and (b) require the involved products to be shipped "in packages."

The amended version becomes effective on November 25. Product descriptions from the prior version will no longer comply, and carriers will reclassify these shipments, adjust the charges, and assess a Weight & Inspection fee.

UTS can help you make the switch to the new NMFC product descriptions. Please contact your Audit Specialist if you would like our assistance.

Amended NMFC Item 180790

The following descriptions become effective on November 25:

Item 180790: TANKS:
Air Pressure, metal, cylindrical, closed at both ends, in packages:

Sub 1: Greatest dimension exceeds 96 inches = Class 175

Sub 2: Greatest dimension 96 inches or less = Class 125

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