Clients that have integrated tell us the value is enormous. There is probably no other improvement you can make to your supply chain today that would match the impact of integration.

System integration boosts the return on your supply chain investment. It can be used to:

  • Automate manual processes
  • Speed up the exchange of supply chain information and route it wherever you want it to go
  • Add shipping tools to order management applications
  • Write supply chain information directly into your applications
  • Extend order visibility to assist supply chain planning
  • Flag errors and problems
  • Improve your customer service

UTS supports all methods of integration

If you dream it, we can probably help you implement it. We’ve mastered a broad range of integration capabilities to make sure that we deliver a great solution for you. We work with all of the standard data transfer technologies and ERP platforms.

Integrating is easier than you think

Think integration means a slow and complex project? We have free integration coding ready for you to use today. A customized solution isn't quite this easy, but we think you'll be surprised at how little time and effort is needed on your end. Our solutions usually are up and running within weeks, not months.

We have free integration code written and ready to go. Once you add it to your applications, users can get rate estimates, submit shipments, and monitor deliveries on the fly.

We have integration code available for you to implement in your business systems. This technology is exchanged over HTTP or SOAP protocols. Implementation can be real time since web services offer immediate responses in a predefined structure through a programming interface. This does not require UTS interaction to get set up other than providing a webKey for authentication purposes.

Tell us how integration could improve your supply chain experience

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