UTS Employees Raise $8,435 for Charity in 2023
Fundraisers run internally by individual UTS employees raised $8,435 in 2023.

UTS Recovers $5.3 Million for Clients in 2023
UTS set a record in 2023 with $5.3 million recovered for clients. This reflects a higher number of billing errors as carrier invoices become more complex.

UTS is now 100% owned by its employees
New employee stock ownership plan gives 100% ownership to our employees

UTS Raises $670 for Designed Future
Donations to Designed Future fund resources for clients burdened with complex social issues.

UTS Raises $835 for Ele's Place
Donations to Ele's Place fund bereavement support services for children and teens.

LTL Rates Rise After Yellow Closes
LTL rates will climb through 2024 as other carriers absorb Yellow's traffic.