SERVICE ALERT: LTL Service Failures Hit Record High
One in three LTL shipments suffered a service issue in December as carriers struggle with COVID-19 and severe weather events.

SERVICE ALERT for North Central USA
Carriers are reporting moderate to severe delays in Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

UTS Recovers $3.5 Million for Clients in 2020
UTS set a record in 2020 with $3.5 million recovered for clients. This reflects a higher number of billing errors as carrier invoices become more complex.

SERVICE ALERT for Nebraska
Carriers are reporting moderate to severe service delays today in Nebraska.

LTL Carrier Schedules for the New Year's Holiday
UTS has summarized each carrier's operating schedule for the week of the New Year's holiday.

LTL Carrier Expedited Freight to Shut Down Dec. 31
UTS has stopped awarding shipments to Expedited Freight Systems, which plans to end operations effective December 31.